Token payment intelligent contract

The development technology of TIX is different from traditional electronic commerce and trading platform.

Firstly,the efficiency of technology transaction by using block chain has been greatly improved,

and the dilemma that the legal rights and interests of digital assets are difficult to guarantee has been overcome.

At the same time, the payment mode of lottery coins is mainly "tokens",

which has incomparable advantages in traditional trade for enterprise cost savings,

and also plays a strong supporting role in expanding the international market

Tix Chain (TIX Chain) was officially launched in July. TIX Chain has an independent position and can write many kinds of intelligent contracts, such as issuing various tokens, developing DAPP, having its own independent wallet and independent block chain browser, etc. It can also create its own super-nodes. The transaction has its own nodes to verify and proofread, and has its own block chain ecology directly. At the same time, the main chain guarantees the security and stability of parallel chains.

subscription ratio The original ERC20 series TIX is converted into the main chain of new coins according to one-to-one exchange rate.

  • Association Bulletin

    TIX Volunteer Association will release Tix Chain (TIX Chain) in July. Tix Chain is located in the public chain. It can compile a variety of intelligent contracts, issue tokens based on TIX chain, and develop DAPP. The original ERC20 series TIX is converted into the main chain of new coins according to 1:1. When the main line is successful, TIX independent wallet and block browser will be used. TIX can be used after the main line: payment services, implementation of intelligent contracts, transaction services and DAPP operation. At the same time, the volunteer association will insist on realizing the landing of TIX in various fields of application and embody higher value.

  • Mapping Description

    1. If your assets are deposited on the Hong Kong CEO Exchange, the Digital Money Exchange (D-Net) and the Multi-currency Exchange without additional operation, the exchange will support the automatic home network asset exchange. 2. If your assets are stored in IM wallet, coin God APP, coin prestige wallet, you need to transfer to the color coin APP for mapping. 3. Whether or not the assets of lottery APP participate in value incubation, the team will exchange the assets of the main network. 4. We only support the main net assets exchange in Hong Kong CEO Exchange, Digital Money Exchange (D Net), Multi-currency Exchange and TIX APP. Please be prepared in advance

TIX Advantage

  • Strong financial strength

    TIX founding team is supported by many offline entities and companies. It has strong financial strength. The entity docking of block chain technology has innate advantages. The market coverage is large and the expansion rate is highe. In the early stage of token payment, the biggest difficulty lies in whether the business model of cooperative merchants can be changed synchronously, but the huge entity of lottery money can take the lead in making the transformation, playing an exemplary role in the industry, laying the foundation for the later stage of multi-platform integration and cross-chain payment.

  • Block Chain Technology Support

    The development technology of TIX is different from the traditional e-commerce and trading platform. Firstly, the transaction efficiency of block chain technology is greatly improved and the legal rights and interests of digital assets can not be guaranteed. At the same time, TIX's payment mode is mainly token. This has incomparable advantages over traditional trade in cost saving of enterprises, and also plays a strong supporting role in expanding international market.

  • Token payment-intelligent contract

    In the field of "token payment" and "intelligent contract", the market is still in a blank state. A few small start-ups also have shortage of funds and relatively immature technology, which can not meet the needs of the market. Therefore, there is no company with absolute advantages. The focus of enterprises is not in the area of block chain, and the volume is large. The transformation has to bear great commercial risks, so they dare not make an easy attempt, which gives the market a rare moment


  • Qiu Shao Feng

    President of China Lottery Association

    Graduated from Hanshan Teachers College, Guangdong Province, he set foot in the block chain in 2015. CEO Exchange Coo Mine Angel Investor, Senior Project Investor, Household Army Team Initiator, Lottery China Association Initiator, Money God Technology Angel Investor.

  • Mrs.Zhao

    Chief Marketing Officer of Lottery Coins in China

    Responsible for the team's brand positioning, the strategic planning and operation of the whole market, formulate and improve the community operation plan and related systems, promote the healthy development of the community, and formulate the marketing plan and community operation plan according to the promotion objectives of each stage of the product. Long-term responsibility for maintaining the cooperative relationship of various media, exchanges, exhibitions and other related institutions. Successfully launched lottery coins on several well-known exchanges and established several communities with more than 1,000 people.

  • Mr.Guo

    Chief Technical Officer of lottery coins in China

    More than 8 years of experience in Internet technology development and management, proficiency in mainstream application development framework, senior system architecture capabilities and rich experience in Internet solutions, strong technology R&D and innovation capabilities, can effectively grasp the direction of technological development, fully familiar with block chain principles and related application scenarios, has many years of block chain application, digital wallet, exchange and other development experience.